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  • What is this thing we call happiness anyway?

    April 29th, 2010Keryl PesceLife in general

    If there is one universal desire every human being has, regardless of how young or old, rich or poor, large or small, gay or straight, married or single, it is to be happy. We all want it. What I wonder is this: does the difficulty some of us have in achieving happiness lie in our lack of understanding or clear definition of what it actually is? 

    If we don't know what we are searching for, how are we going to find it? Let's give this a little thought.

    How do you define happiness?

    Webster's Dictionary defines happiness as "A state of well-being or contentment." Makes sense, but it doesn't tell me much. Another definition I've read by Dr. John A. Schindler is "A state of mind in which our thinking is pleasant a good share of the time." I like that one a little better.

    What about you? I'm curious what happiness means to you.

    When have you felt your happiest? Was it a lunch or dinner with your best gal pals acting silly and giggling like a love-struck teen? Or maybe looking in your baby's eyes for the first time. Maybe it was just sitting lazily in bed on a bright spring morning, with your favorite magazine and a perfect cup of coffee. Aaaah, virtual paradise in my book.

    What picture comes to your mind and what feeling do you experience when you think of happiness? Are you alone or with someone? What are you doing? When you look around, what do you see and feel? How close or far away is it? Do you see yourself doing something as simple as drenching your taste buds with spoonfuls of your favorite ice cream, or as involved as saving the environment?

    Tell me this too. On a scale of 1-10, how happy are you right now? If it is less than 10, what would need change for it to be a 10?

    Let's create a clear picture of what this thing we call happiness is.  Or maybe you're already there. I want to hear about that too. How did you get there? What's the secret you've discovered?  There are more than a handful of women who would love know.


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  • Well said. Beautiful and very true. Thanks for sharing. :)

  • It’s that inner peace that comes from being content in the moment. Whether the sun is shining or the rain is tapping on the roof, it’s the feeling that ‘life is good’.

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