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  • Do fairytale relationships exist only in the movies?

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    October 21st, 2010Keryl PesceFamily and Relationships, Life in general

    When you consider the barrage of bad news from television and magazines about the percent of marriages that end in divorce, are on the rocks, or simply just suck, it's no wonder the pattern continues to repeat itself. We get what we expect, right?

    Add to that, one of the few thorns in my side that is called "reality TV", further pounding into our heads that a typical relationship involves nagging, fighting, selfishness and downright meanness, it's a wonder any of us actually do have great relationships. We are so programmed to believe relationships are difficult. As a matter of fact, on the occasion that I do share how happy I am in my marriage, how easy it is and that we rarely ever experience what you would consider an argument, guess what? People continue »

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  • “Why are men such pigs?”

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    June 17th, 2010Keryl PesceFamily and Relationships

    Oooh!  Somebody's got their pretty little panties in a bunch! 

    Obviously this chick has some sort of evidence or personal experience to prompt this question and the embedded assumption that all men, in fact, are pigs. I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess her man cheated on her.

    First, let me say I appreciate all of you who show interest in what I have to say by following this blog and particularly those of you who send me questions. So to my girlfriend who asked this, you need to know that my number one goal with the time, energy, thought and effort I put into this is to give you the best possible feedback and advice I can to lead you toward a happier existence – even if doing so means I need to disagree with you. And it is with love and a genuine desire to help you that I do . . . disagree that is.

    I don't doubt this girl  continue »

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