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  • “I’m feeling depressed, like there’s nothing left to live for.”

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    July 9th, 2010Keryl PesceHealthy Living, Life in general

    I realize this title isn't the most uplifting of posts I've had. It was not my intention this week to write about this. However when I logged in the other day and realized that someone, a wife, mother, daughter, teenager, father, I have no idea who, typed these exact words into his or her browser and landed on my blog, posting about it became my most immediate priority.

    Somewhere out there is a precious human life contemplating whether or not he or she has a reason to continue living. I have no way to reach this person directly, other than to post this and hope he or she comes back and reads this. So to my unknown visitor, this is for you. Even if it wasn't you, please read this.

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