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  • Do you NEED a relationship to be happy?

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    October 9th, 2014Keryl PesceFamily and Relationships

    dreamstime_11513655I’ve had recent conversations with two women who recently experienced breakups. Both are devastated, scared and on an immediate course to find a replacement to help them feel better. Who can blame them? It doesn’t feel good to be rejected or be alone. So the typical response is ease the pain and do it as fast as we can.  Often our first line of defense is to fill the gaping whole with someone new. Loneliness averted. Pain eased. So far so good. Until it isn’t.

    While I understand our desire to avoid or lessen the pain of rejection or loneliness, what concerns me about the answer these women seek is the instability of it. If our happiness and peace of mind are continue »

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