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  • How do we end teenage bullying?

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    October 6th, 2010Keryl PesceFamily and Relationships, Life in general

    Although this blog is primarily for women, I feel compelled to address the heart-breaking behavior that is causing our children to take their own lives. This is not strictly a female issue. It is a human issue. And I can't stay silent.

    Before I share my thoughts, I must say that if you are a parent and your child is the victim of bullying, please don't take it lightly. Stay close to your child in every way, and if you have even an inkling they feel desperate, please seek out professional support.

    Now, for my two cents.

    To the teens (or people of any age for that matter) who are treated with disrespect, anger, prejudice, bitterness or hatred:

    Get a piece of paper and a magic marker. Write down the following words and tape it somewhere you will see it every day: continue »

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