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  • “I’m tired of struggling with money. When will things get better?”

    July 22nd, 2010Keryl PesceMoney

    Add a tune to that line and we just might have a new national anthem.

    We do live in some pretty interesting economic times. That's for damn sure. However (you know me well enough by now there had to be a "however"), regardless of the state of the economy, there are always opportunities waiting to be discovered and some people making more money than ever.

    There is a cause and effect to everything, so even when the financial winds seem to be blowing in the wrong direction, new needs, wants and demands are emerging. Trouble is, we're too wrapped up in worrying about all the negative crap, we're neither looking in the right places nor, as usual, asking the right questions.

    So here's my question for you. Are you going to hang out at the crowded party and engage in the kind of conversation and thinking that results in a competition of who has is the worst? Or, are you going to crash a new party, a hip and trendy forward-thinking and exciting joint where we talk about ideas and opportunities instead of other people and things? Ooh, there's a novel idea.

    I'm not making light of today's economy. There are real people facing real financial challenges. But commerce is still happening. Somewhere, someone needs something. Someone wants something.

    So let's boil this convoluted thing called making money down to this: it is simply about offering something of value people want or need. Because when you do, they will gladly give you their cash and credit card numbers. Zig Ziglar once said "You will get all you want in life if you will just help enough other people get what you want."

    Wrap that monster money lesson in a pretty little package.

    So the answer to the question of "When?", as soon as you change your thinking. Thought is the birth of all reality. Keep thinking and doing the same things and you will keep getting the same results.

    Having personally experienced a pretty broad range of financial states, here are 10 seeds of thought I'd like to give you to plant in your mental garden. What grows out of them is entirely up to you.

    1. Stop blaming circumstances or other people around you for your financial situation. Accept 100% responsibility for your financial state.

    2. Make a list of what you love to do and are passionate about. Then ask yourself how you can enrich the lives of other people doing it. You've got to love what you do, or you're not going to do what it takes. With passion as your fuel, you will work your ass of and love it. You won't let anything get in your way. The heck with just earning a living. Light your fire baby. Find that sweet spot where what you love can benefit the lives of others in such a way they will gladly give you their money.

    3. Take a look at how you see yourself financially. Do you see yourself as a person who always struggles with money? Time to reprogram your self image. Become a day dreamer. Any chance you get and especially as you lay in bed at night and drift off to sleep, imagine yourself as a wealthy person. Take note of what it feels like. Look for the details around you. The more clearly and consistently you see them in your mind, the more they will manifest into your reality. As you imagine you are already there, reflect back on what you did to get there. You will be amazed at how many answers are already floating around in that pretty little head of yours. It's been said hindsight is 20/20. So create your own virtual hindsight.

    4. Be happy for the financial successes of others. If you begrudge others who are rich, you only hurt yourself. You literally push money away from you. Become interested and fascinated by the wealthy. Model what they do. Ask them how they did it.

    5. Invest in your ability to produce. Develop yourself somehow every day. Read books on personal development or biographies of successful people. Read magazines about money. Take classes. I can't even fathom the jolt to our economy if people would take just 25% of the time they spend bitching about how tough things are and use that time to learn and grow. Holy shit. It would be a financial revolution.

    6. Do what it takes. Millions of people talk about how much they want more money, but what percent of those people are willing to do what it takes? Create a vision. Take action. Be persistent.

    7. Be responsible with what you earn now. Too often, we fall prey to the "I want it now." syndrome and end up boxing ourselves into a financial locker. A little discipline now will go a long way later. Treat yourself once in a while, but quit over spending. The financial state you are in now is a result of yesterday's habits. What habits do you need today to create a better financial tomorrow?

    8. Have fun making money. We think we need to be poised, politically correct, dress and speak perfectly in order to impress. I'm not suggesting you become a rude slob, but have fun with people. Don't you prefer doing business with people who you like? Make the enjoyment of the doing more important than the acquisition of the money.  Funny thing is, the money will come to you faster and in more abundance the second you quit being obsessed by it. It's like dating. We cling, they bolt. We loosen the grip, they stick around.

    9. Take action! I hear fantastic ideas from people all the time. But the ideas alone won't make you rich. Suck it up. Do something. You will screw up, make mistakes and things won't go according to plan. So what. Adjust and figure it out. You give me a rich person who never experienced a roadblock or failure and I'll give you a lying sack of shit. Ask someone you consider successful about challenges they've faced. They will tell you. Don't let fear of the unknown or of making mistakes stop you.  

    10. Do right by people. As consumers, we know when you care about our best interests, and we will reward you for it. Besides, how much can you really enjoy your wealth if you screwed people to get it? No thanks. A happy bitch doesn't do that.

    Go to it! Get out there, find a way to give people what they want and need and have a kick ass time doing it! I'd love to hear how you make out.

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  • Keryl,
    I stumbled upon your site and from what I’ve read I love it!!! Who needs a Physk when you have a real person with their head on straight to talk to. Haven’t had time to read everything on you site cause I’m out looking for a job. Tonight when I return I will ask my 15 year old daughter to join me on your site and I’m sure one or both of us will comment. Thanks for being there…

  • If you work, bring your lunch and just buy one day a week, you’d be amazed at how much you can
    save. I average about $35 a week. Good Luck!

  • Great tip Hazel and you are 100% correct. Small but consistent adjustments do add up. Thanks for sharing.

  • Great advice, Keryl. Stewarding what we already have is especially important and every penny we save counts.

    Two small ways I save are:

    Always shop with a list-this can save 10 – 25% on what you spend by eliminating most impulse buys.

    I love green and/or flavored teas but $2.25 plus tip a pop from my favorite coffeehouse gets expensive. Now, I make sun tea from my favorite flavored teas – gallon glass jar, 3-4 tea bags/water/sit in the sun for 2-3 hours. Cheap and delicious.

    Breakdown: Starbucks venti iced tea 2.25 +.50 tip = 2.75 for 24 ounces.

    Good Earth flavored tea 24 bags @ 4.49. 4 bags for 1 gallon of sun tea = approximately $.75 cents for 128 ounces.

    Little savings can quickly add up!

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