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  • “Hello brain, it’s me, your body talking – give me a break!”

    July 7th, 2011Keryl PesceHealthy Living, Life in general

    Health is a reflection of the relationship you have with your body.  ~Terri Guillemets

    If your body could talk, what would it say to you? "Thank you for feeding me healthy foods and exercising me. I feel great. I look great. Oh, and thank you for  the importance you place on getting plenty of sleep so I can rejuvenate myself. I've shown my appreciation by removing those bags under our eyes."

    While it may not use the same 26 letters you and I do, your body does in fact communicate with you on a daily basis. Let me ask you, what kind of conversation is your body having with you? If it doesn't sound anything like I just described, then you better start paying attention. Your body is trying to tell you something.

    I see most health problems as communication. It's your body telling you something needs to change. Either with what you eat or don't eat, what you think and worry about, what you smoke or drink, or the amount of sleep and exercise you get.

    I don't see most sickness or injuries as the luck of the draw. It's an alarm system. It's an opportunity to listen to what your body is saying and make better choices.

    So tune in for a few minutes, if your body is talking to you using any of the following forms of communication, maybe it's time to make some changes, to reacquaint yourself and re-establish a healthy relationship with your body:



    -Low energy

    -Excess weight

    -Stiff neck

    -Ulcers/intestinal problems

    -High blood pressure

    -High cholesterol

    -Cancer – (Don't balk at this one. My good friend, Dr. Max Gomez, medical journalist with CBS News reports better than 70% of all cancers are due to lifestyle choices.)

    -Frequent colds

    I could go on.

    No, I'm not a doctor, nor do I claim to be. But just as it doesn't take a degree to be a great mother, it doesn't take a degree to have some common sense. Treat your body well and it will do amazing things for you. It's simply a mindset and decision. It doesn't have to be complicated. Here's a few tips:

    1 – Drink plenty of water. Especially this time of year. Every cell in your body functions better.

    2 – Reduce fatty, fried, processed foods and cook more fresh whole foods.

    3 – Eat lots of colorful foods. No, not M & M's – fruits, veggies, pure juices.

    4 – Get more rest! Don't hand me the line that you don't have time. Make time or time will run out on you.

    5 – Get your blood pumping. Go for a walk, get whatever kind and however much exercise works for you. But make it more than you're getting right now.

    6 – Breathe. Relax. Slow your thoughts down and rest your mind.

    7 – Take time for you. Do what makes you happy, what you enjoy.

    8 – Spend less time with Energy Vampires and more time with those who are easy to be around.

    9 – Quit blaming circumstances outside of your control for the state of your life and your body and take charge. It's your life, nobody else's.

    10 – Don't strive for perfect behavior. Strive for better behavior. Big change can come with small steps.

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