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  • Is happiness overrated? Is it even real?

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    May 20th, 2010Keryl PesceLife in general

    Inside the April issue of More magazine, the editor in chief referred to happiness as a "shiny bauble" dangling in front of us serving only to distract us from what's really important. I almost crapped my pants when I read it.

    Next, I caught a woman blogger whose advice about living happily was to lower our expectations so we won't be disappointed.

    The time has come for us to rethink how we look at happiness.

    First, let's get a few facts straight about happiness.

         1 – Happiness is as real (and about as good) as continue »

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  • “I’m so stressed out! I feel like I’m on the verge of a nervous breakdown!”

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    May 13th, 2010Keryl PesceLife in general, Stress and Guilt

    Sounds like the song of today's modern woman, doesn't it? We hear "I'm so stressed out." with as much frequency as we apply another coat of  lip gloss on girls' night out.

    It's been said life is a dance, but I don't think they ever meant today's frantically choreographed tap dance of reacting to one crisis after the next, putting everyone else's demands above our own and the brain-dead notion that we were ever meant to multi-task. It's almost like a badge of honor these days. WTF?

    "The faster I do this and the more I get done, the sooner I'll be able to relax."  Oh, so that's how it goes. Really?

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  • Why am I so depressed? Will I ever be happy again?

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    May 6th, 2010Keryl PesceLife in general

    Let me start by reminding you that I am not a therapist. I'm just happy. So if you are reading this and feel desperately depressed, please reach out to a professional. I do invite you to read on, and my guess is you will find something helpful, but I suggest perhaps you do both.

    Now to answering these questions, which believe it or not, are enough to go on. Many, including most therapists, would disagree. Why? It is common practice to dig into the past, drag out any and all painful childhood memories (even those we would have preferred to forget), analyze our not-so-brilliant choices and search for the root cause, the reason, the justification so you can say "Oh, that's why I feel like shit."

    But I've got to wonder just how helpful that is. How many people end up continue »

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